Diurex Water Review and Comparison


It provides temporary elimination of water weight


only eliminates water weight, it has no fat burning mechanism


Diurex Water Pills are not recommended as a treatment for obesity because it can cause dehydration due to loss of water.

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Is Diurex Water Effective in Losing Weight?

The Diurex Water Pills works by removing the excess water in the body and relieves bloating. Given this action, would this drug be able to provide an effective solution to lose weight? Here is an examination of the product.

Weight Loss Using Diurex Water

Diurex Water Pills aim at losing all the excessive water in the body that add up to a person’s weight. People who would like to lose weight should not opt to use this product because it doesn’t really help in losing the real weight but rather just the water weight.  It is a fact that the human body contains 75% of water. Thus, when the body loses water from Diurex Water Pills, it will again be regained back because the body needs water and absorbs water from the foods eaten.

Frequent Visits to the Restroom

Since Diurex Water is a diuretic pill, you will have frequent visits to the restroom in order to eliminate this water. Elimination of water will be through urination.

Dehydration May Result from Intake of Diurex Water

Since Diurex Water will remove water from your body, it can greatly cause dehydration. Patients who are taking diuretics are frequently reminded about the prevention of dehydration. This is because dehydration can cause serious harm to one’s well-being.

Diurex Water Pills Ingredients

In general, Diurex has 8 different variations. Among the eight, only one is designed specifically for men while the remaining seven is designed for women. The pills designed for women addresses the problems of bloating and fullness during menstruation.

Keep in mind that the ingredients in Diurex are all for removing excess water and don’t contain any fat burners or appetite suppressants that help in losing weight.

Advantages of Diurex Water Pills

It provides temporary elimination of water weight

Disadvantages of Diurex Water Pills

Weight loss is not guaranteed because it only eliminates water weight
It has no fat burning mechanism
It has no appetite suppressing effects
Can cause dehydration
Causes hassle due to frequent urination

Our Verdict on Diurex Water Pills

Diurex Water Pills are not recommended as a treatment for obesity because it can cause dehydration due to loss of water. 

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