T3 Fat Burner Review


This product is priced at an affordable price


Doesn’t have any effective fat burners, no effective appetite suppressant


T3 is ineffective and is just a waste of money.

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Does T3 Fat Burner work?

SAN is the company that manufactured T3 and claims to provide fat burning to a different level. Prior to deciding to purchase this weight loss supplement, it would be best to examine it carefully first.

Based from the manufacturer, T3 can promote effective weight loss by simply stimulating the thyroid function. This is by having increased or elevated levels of the thyroid hormones without causing the thyroid function to shut down.

The claims sound very confusing because it is quite difficult to comprehend how elevated thyroid hormones can promote weight loss. The confusing statement of the company should be further explained but sad to say, the manufacturer just let it out in the open without expounding it further. It could be possible that this manufacturer also do not have any ideas on how to further explain their stand about elevated thyroid hormones and its relation to weight loss.

It would be better if the company presented at least a single study to back up their claims, but too bad the company didn’t provide anything to prove their claims on weight loss.

Ingredients present in T3 Fat Burner

Guggulsterones is the key ingredient of T3 Fat Burner. Guggulsterones are actually various compounds that can be extracted from a plant called Gum Guggul or scientifically called as Commiphora Mukul. According to the manufacturer, Guggulsterones can increase the levels of the thyroid hormones.

How much is T3 Fat Burner?

A single bottle of T3 Fat Burner is already good for one month supply and it will only cost $20. It will be a an affordable price if T3 is proven to be effective; however, since it is not, the price is just a waste of money.

Benefits of T3 Fat Burner

Affordable price

Drawbacks of T3 Fat Burner

Doesn’t have any effective fat burners
Doesn’t have any effective appetite suppressant
Doesn’t have any clinical investigations to back up its claims

Conclusion on T3 Fat Burner

T3 is ineffective and is just a waste of money.

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